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ZCF in Atlanta Ga,

October 24 - 27th

In the heart of Atlanta, the Zouk Conexao Festival invites Artists, DJs and Attendees from all over the world. This year our theme is "Generations." We aim not only to honor the ones who set the trends, the ones who continue to work tirelessly to spread the passion of Brazilian Zouk, and those who aim to keep this beautiful dance growing! 

Zouk Conexão Festival 2024


Tickets for Tracks will be released September 1st​

Master level class will be taught by dance instructors with many years of experience. The will be no rotating and everyone will have to sign up with a partner. This track will be focused on how to become a semi pro, advanced technique and moves. 

Alex, Mathilde, Lucas, Thayna, Carlos & Fernanda

Lambda Intermediate to advanced track for Lamba lovers. We will have top instructors teaching the amazing technique, culter and dance that is lambada. Straight from Brazil come join our wonderful instructors in exploring the new and the old as we mix new and old Lambada! 

Felipe, Iago, Vanessa, Leo & Ana

Are you a community leader or builder? This track will be for those who look to spread the passion of BZouk to the rest of the world! How to create an engaging syllabus? How to organize weekenders and festivals? How to create an inclusive event and school? Come learn from some of the best organizers from all over North America! 

Paulo, Luiza, Bruno, Fae, Felipe, Kadu & Larissa

We will have an official Jack n Jill at the festival! We will have the following levels!

- Novice

- Intermediate

- Advanced

- All - Star / Champion

We will have prizes and trophies for the winners!! Remember to have fun!! 

Official Jack n Jill

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